Ignite Your Organisation

Unleash the full potential of your greatest resource - Your People - with Employee Voice 


Start with a Baseline of Opinions

Each person is prompted to complete a short 5, question Opinion Survey. This gives you an insight into where you can target your early engagement campaigns for greatest impact


All of Spark's Opinion Survey and Pulse Poll tools are anonymous in order to establish honesty and trust in opinion sharing


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Reveal Opinions and Insights

Discover what your people really think, as and when you need, with Spark's powerful anonymous Opinion Survey and Pulse Poll tools

Get everybody involved in improving all aspects of working life including innovation, health & well-being and efficiency

Drive Organisational Improvements

Culture, Purpose and Cohesion

Create a fantastic organisational culture with Spark's recognition, content management and campaign tools 

Spark Insight and opinions icon with items being completed
Organisational Improvements with a hand submitting a suggestion into a box
Organisational employee thinking about how to contribute towards purpose and improving cohesion

Unleash the power of the 'Whole Self' 

Amazing things happen when people are empowered to shape their own working environment. Spark provides all of the tools you need - all in one place

See how it works

Spark is the easiest way to supercharge your organisation by enabling Employee Voice. Watch the video to see how easy it is to use


Segment Opinions 

Spark allows you to investigate differences of opinion across teams and locations for deeper insight and more effective engagement campaigning

Measurable Improvements 

You can run the Opinion Survey again at any time to take an opinion snapshot and see how opinions have changed

The Pricing Plan

Spark pricing is based on the number of registered users in your organisation - examples below.  


use of Spark features


50 users

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8 Pentland House, Saltire Centre, Glenrothes, KY8 2AH, Scotland

Spark Employee iPhone app with the feed page showing employee collaboration, commenting, liking posts and contributing suggestions to improvement challenges
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Employee contributing towards the overall opinion of the organisation by answering the survey on questions around Innovation, wellbeing, Knowledge sharing and workplace

Develop the Best Ideas

Spark's main hub is a social interaction feed for people to see, share and develop categorised ideas and suggestions. These can be relevant to the whole organisation or contextualised for Teams, Locations and micro networks


Bring the right people to the conversation with tagging - it's a great way to share interesting content or topics of conversation

Develop Ideas

Social media tools such as Likes and Comments support the selection and development of the best ideas into actionable plans

Micro Networks

Spark uses a 'Follow' social model that enables the ability for people to build their own small network across the organisation based on professional interests, project groups and relationships

Employees submitting suggestions in the Spark App and collaborating on how to improve their organisation, other employees commenting and giving likes and viewing the feed based on Team, location and colleagues that they follow

Set the Challange

Challenge your people to suggest, co-develop and implement their own improvement ideas in categorised areas such as Innovation, Efficiency, Health & Wellbeing and Knowledge Sharing

Configurable Challenges

Spark supports a range of challenge types and flexible rewards that can be configured, scheduled and published in support of your engagement campaign goals

The Challenge Bank

Spark has a bank of existing challenges, in all improvement areas, to help get you going. Once you're in the groove you can create your own

Targeted Action

Challenges can be general (for everybody) or customised and contextualised for specific teams and locations so that you can focus their effect and impact

Innovative organisation capturing  employee improvement suggestions in targeted challenges with peer to peer ranked ordering  to help implement positive changes.
Human Resource department employee giving other members of the team High Fives to reward them on a job well-done


Spark High Fives is the easiest way to recognise great performance - helping to build a culture where everybody feels valued and appreciated by their colleagues. We believe that this fast, public method of showing appreciation is much more appropriate and credible than typical reward schemes

Anyone, Anytime

High Fives can be given by anyone to anyone and at anytime - so it's super easy to create a culture of positivity

Group Support

Others can show their appreciation too by Liking a High Five, showing their support and agreement of the contribution by the Team member

Team Recognition

Recognition can also be given to project teams or groups of people at one time

Spark survey dashboard demonstrating an organisations employee opinion on Trust, Leadership, work-life balance, purpose, recognition and employee voice and then getting an Engagement benchmark score

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'' Spark has helped Carr Gomm connect colleagues together. As a national organisation with teams throughout the country, we are now better able to share moments, ideas and suggestions. Our people now feel more informed about real-time organisational developments. I would recommend Spark to organisations looking to involve everyone in generating and sharing new ideas. ”

Andrew Thomson

Senior Operations Manager



150 users

use of Spark features

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500 users

use of Spark features

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Spark Control Centre


See how easy it is to get setup on Spark

Watch the video to see how easy it is to use all of Spark's Admin features

Spark Control Centre is where you control all of Sparks features and functions from managing Pulse Polls & insights to publishing Challenges 

The Dashboard is focused on providing you with the insights you need to take improvement actions. Here you can see how you are performing in each of the Five key areas (Innovation, Efficiency, Health & Wellbeing, Workplace and Knowledge) based on feedback 

All you need to do now is stimulate your people to make positive change

Spark control centre revealing the strongest and weakest areas while being prompted to create a challenge, poll or article and event

Spark an Idea!

Spark's built-in content and Events management system gives you the ability to stimulate the thinking by sharing news Articles, best practice and internal stories 

Targeted Content Distribution

All Articles and Events can be organisation wide or targeted for distribution to specific Teams and Locations for specific professional interests

Rich Media

Spark can handle all kinds of media - from Articles that you write yourself in the content editor to third party documents, pdf's, video and audio content. You can also invite guest contributors and schedule publication for optimum delivery

Spark's built-in Content Bank provides a variety of categorised articles and videos to get you started. You can select, edit and publish these articles to tune them specifically for your organisation

Content Bank 

An employee viewing best practice articles on their app and reading articles and events that are interesting

Pulse Polls

Employee Surveys have their place but sometimes you just want to hear what people think about specific issues. Spark has a built-in anonymous Pulse Polls system, similar to Twitter Polls, allowing you to ask a question of your people anytime you want.

Easiest way to Collect Opinions

Create Pulse Polls in minutes using the Pulse Polls area of the Spark Control Centre. Again, these can be scheduled for publication - organisation-wide or targeted to specific Teams and Locations

Powerful Insights

Pulse Polls are presented as multiple choice questions, revealing results as they are answered. The beauty of Pulse Polls is that you can access powerful insights and feedback on any topic and segment these across your organisation quickly and easily

Short and targeted Pulse Polls sent to specific teams to collect valuable employee opinion

Spark's Content Bank is a repository of categorised Articles and Challenges, helping you to get going with engagement campaigns

Browse the Content Bank for interesting Articles that you can publish as is or adapt for your own purposes

You'll find everything from examples of employee innovation schemes to mindfulness exercises as well as a range of starter challenges for all types of organisations  

Content Bank

Organisational Employee Engagement staff member using existing content from the content bank and publishing it to employees


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